Business development with the help of webmasters

Our system is integrated with a multi-functional affiliate program which allows you to attract the new customers and models for your site. You can significantly develop your business by giving the webmasters an opportunity to earn on your website.

Earning opportunities

Our system allows you to thoroughly customize your affiliate program scheme. You can set up and adjust the cash payments to your webmasters, whereas webmasters have a wide range of tools for determining the most advantageous source of income.

  • Payments for all the paid chats and all types of attracted models and customers
  • Second level of income for the attracted webmasters
  • Payments for the registration of models and customers
  • Detailed statistics on the payments over the time interval
  • Detailed information on all the paid chat rooms and tips
  • History of payments


Webmasters have the ability not only to send the traffic to your site, but also to create their own clone website, customize it according to their needs and generate income from this site.

  • Creating a clone site
  • SEO website management
  • Design settings management
  • Multiple domains support
  • Multilanguage support

Promotion tools

Administration of the site may facilitate the webmasters' task to increase the traffic by giving them a lot of different content for the more effective promotion of their website.

  • Static banners
  • Promotional texts and articles
  • Interactive banners
  • Sliders and popups

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