How it works for providers

Basic information

Right after you have added the new models to your website they automatically appear on dozens of Modelnet partners' sites. Your models start making money for themselves, and bring you income immediately.

How much you earn as the model Provider

Modelnet allows you to share your models with all the partners sites. The Provider of a model receives 70% commission for all paid chats on the Consumer's websites. On his own website the Provider gets all the money spent by the customer and distributes it according to his own rules.

  • You get 70% of all the paid chat sessions of your models

  • In case you attract new customers to your own models you get 100% of all the paid chat and tips.

Additional information

  • Modelnet Providers do not need to make a security deposit.
  • Payments are sent weekly and there is no minimum payment amount.
  • You can choose the models you want to share with Modelnet.
More information for Consumers