Hosting service for streaming and webcam websites

Professional, managed dedicated server hosting in Europe and USA for our clients. We offer only pure server platform systems based on the Xeon processor. This is far more effective and stable system that classic desktop processor (Core 2 Quad, i5/i7, etc). We use only ECC Registered memory to prevent from any hardware faults and to guarantee stable hardware.

Free upgrade

Upgrade from one server to another along with transfer of all data is FREE of charge if new server is hosted with us.

Optimized cofiguration

Configuration of our server is optimized/balanced for use with video chat system.

Stable environment

We offer well tested and stable environment for your webcam website.

  Startup * Standard Enhanced Premium
$99/mo $229/mo $299/mo $449/mo
Processor Xeon E3-1270 Xeon E3-1270 Xeon E5-2620v3 2 × E5-2620v3
Cores 4 4 6 2 × 6 = 12
RAM DDR3 16Gb DDR3 16Gb DDR4 32Gb DDR4 64Gb
Storage 500Gb 2×1Tb 2×2Tb(SATA2) 2×4Tb(SATA2)
LAN 1Gbps 1Gbps 1Gbps 1Gbps
Websites available 1 10 30 Unlimited
Multiple Domains Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Bandwidth Unmetered Unmetered Unmetered Unmetered
Estimated connections 20-100 100-250 250-800 800-2000
Select Select Select Select

* Startup semi-dedicated hosting is perfect for a new projects.

Extreme Speed

Each server is built to provide maximum perfomance for video streaming with using only the latest technology. All the dedicated servers have the world's most reliable CentOS Linux operation system.

Instant Provisioning

Whereas most dedicated solutions take hours or days to activate, our technology allows us to provision dedicated servers immediately. Your server is standing by so it's ready for you the second you need it.

RAID Storage

We use only high quality storage with RAID level 1 support on our dedicated servers. Your drives are completely mirrored, ensuring your data is extremely well protected. This feature is not found on most dedicated solutions.

Root Access

For advanced users, our improved control panel provides optional root access, giving you full control of your server.

Improved Plesk

Every dedicated configuration includes the option of our Plesk interface which makes it easy to manage all of your websites, domains, emails, resources, and more from one central location.

Advanced Capabilities

Our servers are designed from the ground up to support everything you could need, such as Secure Shell (SSH) access, server-side includes, log file access, and web-based managers for files, databases, and email.

SSL Certificates

Encrypt the connection between your server and visitors to safeguard personal information, e-commerce transactions, sensitive data, and more.