How it works for consumers

Basic information

By purchasing our software you become a part of the Modelnet webcam network. By using Modelnet models you can significantly increase the variety of models on your website, moreover sometimes models from Modelnet appear to be even more profitable than your own models.

How much you earn on Credits based site

Consumers receive 20% commission for all paid chats and tips of their customers. Modelnet holds a 10% commission for all paid chats between a Provider's model and Consumer's customer. A consumer site owner can adjust pricing of paid chats for their customers to increase the profit.

  • Your profit is 20% of all paid chats and tips on your website.

  • As a site owner, you can endlessly increase the paid chat cost and get more profit from your customers.

  • 10% from all the paid chats and tips goes to Modelnet.

  • 70% from all the paid chats and tips goes to the model provider.

Your own models

Modelnet is not a regular partnership but a more complex system that is why you can attract your own models to your website. Models who are working on a Consumer's website are more profitable for the owner of the site, because he does not pay a commission to Modelnet. All the money spent by the Consumer's customers are redistributed between the model and the site owner.

  • You get 100% of the money customers spend on your models on your website.

  • 0% is Modelnet fee for your own models.

  • 70% income from paid chat sessions adds to your profit if you share your models with Modelnet.

Security deposit

In order to activate a paid chat with the models from Modelnet, a Consumer has to make a security deposit. The money is kept in the Modelnet system to ensure that the Provider of the model recieves real money for a paid chat from the Consumer's website. When the Consumer's balance reaches zero, there will be limits to paid chats with Modelnet models, but for his own models there will be no restrictions. The Consumer can recharge their Modelnet account with the money they have earned with their own models. Recommended minimum security deposite amount is $100.

More information for Providers