Easy business management all the way through your website

Our system allows you to fully customize the website operating processes, including easy management of the content and private sessions' approval and much more.

Detailed stats

Accurate statistics are available in a real-time mode. Accurate analysis will help you to increase your income and let you focus your efforts on the more profitable ways of development.

  • Detailed statistics on models / webmasters / studios income
  • Customer spending statistics
  • Regional income statistics
  • Domain income statistics
  • Studios income detailed statistics

Money management

You can easily keep track of the distribution of funds between the customers, models and webmasters as well as carry out and accept payments, and make refunds.

  • Payment management for models / webmasters / studios
  • Account refill services management
  • Paid subscriptions management
  • Profile management for customers / models / webmasters / studios
  • Refund options
  • Paid chat rooms and tips cost management

Modelnet management

Modelnet allows webcam websites to be Consumers and Providers at the same time. The money you earned as a Provider you can spend as a Consumer.

  • Check earnings / expenditure statistics for Providers and Consumers
  • Manage other website models on your own site
  • Manage your own models shared in Modelnet
  • Increase the paid chat prices for Modelnet models for your customers
  • Receive the payments in the way that is convenient for you
  • Make a refund for the unsuccessful chats

Fully moderated content

Full content moderation option on the website will allow you to successfully monitor the quality of the content and the services rendered.

  • Moderate private chats
  • View the chat history and private correspondence
  • Moderate photos and videos uploaded by the model
  • Set up the "stop words" for your chats
  • Block the unwanted visitors

Lots of domains

You don't have to limit yourself by creating only one website, because you are able to add any number of domain names, and any number of templates for your sites.

  • Multiple domains support
  • Multiple templates in different domains support
  • Creating your own templates support
  • SEO management for the successful promotion in the search engines

Promotion tools

Our software has a large number of built-in promotion opportunities which will help you to increase your customer base and attract your own models.

  • Built-in affiliate program
  • Extra income for the attracted customers and models
  • Promotional banners for webmasters
  • Promotional coupons
  • Regular customers discounts

Additional settings

Detailed configuration will allow you to create the unique features for your website.

  • Model categories
  • Video stream quality management
  • Ban on watching videos without registration
  • Webmasters and models payout management
  • Spending limits for customers
  • Anti-Fraud Protection
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