Just a few years ago streaming video could only be played on desktops while mobile devices could just play the static video. The codec development and the popularization of the advanced technologies have led us to the time when it is hard to find a website that would not play the streaming videos on your phone or your tablet.

Our software follows the latest trends and we were one of the first companies to provide a full support for a good quality streaming video. The next stage of the streaming video transmission technology is WebRTC which we successfully implement in our software. This is a relatively new technology, which is supported by all popular desktop browsers and the latest firmware version of iOS and Android devices.

However our software allows you not only to watch the video as a viewer, but also to broadcast the video from any mobile devices or tablets based on both iOS and Android systems. This is an unique feature of the platform. There is no need to use native application anymore. ou can broadcast from browser on mobile phone directly to a webcam site.

Live video streaming from mobile browser to webcam site

For a good quality signal transmission you will need to have a 3G, LTE or Wi-Fi connection. This technology allows a model to be online even if she is away. Moreover, it provides a unique opportunity to broadcast a video from some very unusual places and all you need is just a mobile phone.

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Rodion Shotskiy
Rodion Shotskiy
Modelnet Product Owner and Business Development manager at Scrile. In live video streaming software and mobile apps development over 10 years.