Today an increasing number of people make money online by monetizing their communication with their audience with the help of pay per minute chat software. In this blog post, we are going to look through the main questions about PPM chat software and show you how to choose the best software for your business.

What is Pay-per-minute Live Chat Software?

Pay per minute chat software is a complex system that combines live video streaming service for online chat and an integrated billing system that charges money for each minute of live chat. Today it is a very popular tool among webcam models, experts and coaches, influencers and companies in different industries to charge money for their time spent on communication with clients. With pay-per-minute chat software you can set up a per-minute rate for your chat sessions and get money for the services you provide online.

How Pay-per-minute Chat Software Works?

Pay-per-minute chat software is a fully-prepared platform that can be integrated into the site. When you have the system installed on your website, you can start attracting your audience to live chat rooms and monetize communication with them.

The software is responsible for the live video broadcasting and payment accepting for you. The clients who join the live chat will be billed for the minutes they spend in the live chat with you or performers of your website according to the per-minute rate. The system handles the payments and the money spent by clients will be transferred to your internal balance automatically. Then you can easily transfer the money you earn to your merchant account.

This is basically how PPM software works on websites. However, the exact features and possibilities depend on the choice of platform.

Who Can Use PPM Chat Software?

Nowadays there is a wide range of businesses and services that can be provided to clients online with the help of live video chat. There are many specialists whose time and attention are valued. People are looking forward to speaking with them one-to-one and are ready to pay for that.

So, what people can earn money using PPM software?

Here are some main groups of people who can use pay-per-minute chat software for their business:

Consultants and Coaches

There is an increasingly growing demand for online consultancy services. More and more coaches and business consultants move their services from locally based offices to the digital space. Today life coaches, trainers and tutors, consultants are using paid chat software to accommodate more clients from all over the world and extend revenue streams of their businesses.

Psychics and Astrologers

Clients search for astrologers, psychics and tarot card readers for important life advice, insights into their future and the emotional support they can offer with their services.

Offline sessions are falling away as the increasing number of psychics shift to digital consultations. Specials in this niche are creating independent sites and mobile apps with integrated pay-per-view live chat software.

Influencers and Bloggers

Influencers and bloggers use PPM chat platform on their websites to monetize engagement with their fan base. Just how they go live on Instagram or TikTok, they can do one-to-one private live chats with their fan and get paid for it.

Pay-per-minute chat software is a monetization opportunity for social media influencers and celebrities as they offer their followers a unique chance to chat with someone they chase and admire. This could not only increase your earnings, but also help you connect with followers on a deeper level.

Webcam Models and Adult Performers

Today PPM chat platform is used in the adult entertainment industry much more than in others. As well as being a top growing business niche, adult live chat is also a very profitable startup idea for both models and their managers or adult website owners. By installing webcam chat software on your own domain, you will have the freedom to set your own prices and rules of your live chats with clients.

Creating your independent digital space and setting your own per-minute rate could be a perfect way to make money chatting online in webcam business.

How Much Money Can Models Make with PPM chat software

Adult models revenue amount depends on two basic things:

  • live chat per-minute rate
  • the number of clients you attract to your live chat

Experienced models who have a big audience and a large number of fans always have a higher per minute rate than beginners who are new in this industry. However, for a new visitor who comes to the webcam site sometimes it does not matter how popular the model is. By setting up a lower rate such models can earn even more than professional ones as they can attract even more clients to their chat room.

We can make a small calculation to find out how much money webcam models can earn. For example, if we set a $2 per minute rate for the chat with a model, for a 30 minute-long live chat she will get $60. Even if a model takes webcamming as a part-time activity, considering free time breaks and the times when there are no clients wanting to join the live chat, the average webcam model can earn from $200 up to $900 a day using PPM chat system.

How to Choose Pay per minute chat software

When choosing a PPM chat software, you should consider some key features that are needed for a comfortable and profitable online business:

  1. Mobile compatibility - it should be possible for both clients and performers to use the live chat software from their mobile devices. Models should have an opportunity to broadcast from their phones and clients should be able to join chat rooms and communicate with models using their mobile phones or tablets.
  2. Accessibility - it is better to choose browser-based software, so people could access it with a web browser on any device without the need to install a special app. They can just use Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox or any other popular web-browser.
  3. Security and encryption - it is better to choose browser-based software, so people could access it with a web browser on any device without the need to install a special app. They can just use Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox or any other popular web-browser.
  4. Integration with payment systems - your clients should be able to pay by card using familiar payment gateways such as CCBill or PayPal so you will get money paid to chat directly to your merchant account.
  5. Per minute rate Flexibility - as a performer you should be free to set your own per minute rate for each kind of video chat and offer any kind of service you want. It should be possible to decide between pay-per-minute or pay-per-session billing. In addition, in Modelbet platform settings it is possible to set the minimum chat price. It means that clients will be charged with the minimum price from the beginning of the show and can stay in the chat without additional payments based on the amount paid and per-minute price. When the paid time finishes, clients will have to pay the amount based on the pay-per-minute system.
  6. Admin Panel for Management - you should have access to the admin panel where you can easily keep track of the distribution of funds between the customers and models as well as carry out and accept payments.
  7. Different live video chats modes - the system should have multiple built-in options for free and paid, group and private video chat modes for a better interaction with audience and monetization.
  8. Currency choice - customers should have an opportunity to purchase credits with USD, EUR, British Pounds or any other currency. For example, Modelnet supports multiple currencies as well as multiple payment gateways at the same time.

Modelnet provides a full range of online video chat modes with different cost per minute for your customers:

  1. Free video chat with tips option.
  2. Group live video chat. It is a pay-per-minute chat that can be initiated by the customer. Other customers can join it too.
  3. Private video chat. One-to-one video chat based on per-minute rate.
  4. Voyeur live video chat. It is available when private chat is already established between a performer and another customer.

Modelnet is a pay-per-minute chat platform, with the most advanced technology for audio and video streaming in real time and a fully integrated billing solution. It is a complex turnkey product for starting your own webcam business that has all needed for users features integrated into the system. To get acquainted with Modelnet software you can request a free demo access and check its functionality by yourself.

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Pay-per-minute Chat Software - FAQ

Who are possible users of PPM chat software?

Personal consultants, coaches, astrologers, influencers, webcam models, and adult performers offer special knowledge that can be sold and shared on a face to face basis. So people are ready to pay for each minute of communication.

How does it work?

The system integrates into your site and allows you to have private or public chat rooms. For a room to be live a subscriber has to pay per minute of watching you.

How to choose a PPM chat software?

Be sure that it is compatible with mobiles, also it is better to have a browser-based software, integrated payment system, paying rate flexibility, and currency choice option.

How does a cam girl earn with PPM chats?

A model performs a live show that is paid per minute (unless it ends up). The more people you attract the longer your show is.

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