WebRTC based webcam site software With nearly 1 billion people in lockdown across the world because of the Coronavirus pandemic, it is important that we provide people whose business is at risk with the opportunity to keep it running.

As the COVID-19 outrbreak escalates globally, sex workers who perform in clubs or provide private in-person escort services, experience a great loss in demand. As more and more people all over the world chose home isolation in order not to pick up the bug, it may cause members of sex-industry struggle financially.

How to protect yourself from the virus exposure and make your business prosper in such an unstable environment?

With Modelnet live video chat platform you can transit your business from in-person to on-cam just in one day. This solution lets you offer the same services in a completely safe format and cover losses incurred because of the outbreak and or gain even more profit in the period of high demand for online sex services.

Modelnet offers a 20% discount till the end of April on all addons for extra-monetization of your webcam platform. Extend the basic features of the platform and Increase your income with the help of the following addons:

  • Fanclubs
  • Paid content gallery
  • Pre-paid private appointments
  • Scheduled events with ticket-entrance

Do not hesitate to contact us for further information and learn how to start business in the most sought-after industry in the virus outbreak.

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Polina Ponomarenko
Polina Ponomarenko
Marketing manager at Scrile. Creating and promoting content for Modelnet and Scrile Connect over 2 years, covering a range of topics in online business industry.