There is no doubt that modern society is on the stage of stepping into the era of remote working. The industry of sharing content online or creating it upon somebody's request is one of the prime engines of this development. Our team has studied the most popular webcam sites to figure out a role model of a perfect cam site, and alternatives for studios and solo models in this business.

Webcam Business

The webcam industry is full of options for people to become successful in their niche. Some models and creators prefer working individually on their own schedule and others prefer to be a part of a studio which would handle all the administrative issues.

Independent Modeling

Solo performing is one of the simplest options available for models. You register on a webcam platform and start performing, though it would be hard to maximize your income. You create content, do live streams and sell pieces of unique content, but remember to be unique and stand out. There are many other models who entered the platform before you, and they also fight for users' attention.

Also, hardly can it be called a self-consistent business. It will bring money only till you accumulate content. As soon as you decide to quit the industry, you won't get any perks from it.

Being a solo model, be ready to handle the terms and conditions of chosen platform and pay about a 20% commission fee from everything you get.

Model Studios

Today, webcam modeling has converted to a huge business that brings money to creators, performers, managers, and studios who are ready to handle all the administrative issues. Studios take upon themselves hosting a website, promotion, payment control, etc.

There are two types of studios. On the one hand, we have physical studios. They hire models and invite them to work with them. For a part of a model's income, studios offer a room with nice decor, fast internet, a computer, and all needed equipment for high-quality video and photo shoots.

On the other hand, there are online studios. They gather models under the name of the studio, place them on their website, and manage money-related issues. A model can be wherever in the world and work for a studio. It can be compared with solo modeling but with some perks of losing a headache for administrative issues.

Website Branding

For now, let's put aside the question of self-determination, and focus on new audience accumulation. Choosing a platform or creating a whitelabel website remember about its branding. Imagine the industry from a watcher's point of view. Some new users choose a platform because of an exact model, others look for a perfect platform, and then look through models presented there. This "perfect website" always has a catchy name and brand's story.

Website Name

If you choose to create a site, then think of a perfect name for a website and your company. Remember that it should be catchy and simple. The name will appear everywhere on your homepage, in each URL, and as a watermark on models' content.

It would be good for the website statistics if the name contains keywords that are constantly used in search engines. Though by now it might be hard to pick such a name, as it has already been taken by somebody else. In other words, be creative and think carefully.

Brand's Story

If a website's name is something that should catch attention, then the brand's story has to make people stay on the website. A successful business has a special feeling that is associated with offered content and activities.

If you are afraid that your skills are not enough to make a good story for your brand, you always can get some help and hire those who are experienced and have several successful cases of brand building.

Alternatives for Performing

The best alternatives for creators are listed in the Best Adult Cam Sites. In this article we want to clear up technical options. No matter if you are a solo model or a studio, it is important to understand that registration on OnlyFans or working on Live Jasmin isn't the only option available.

Whitelabel Website

One of the cheapest and simplest options that business owners have is building a whitelabel website. The only thing is required from you is to choose a perfect platform that would help you to create a website. You buy a domain and rebrand it according to your requirements.

There several brands with an option of building a whitelabel site, among them are Chaturbate, Streamate, and Modelnet. These platforms differ a little one from another, but all of them have similar characteristics:

  1. Low starting price

    If you have enough skills, you can deal with everything yourself, in this case launching a website would cost you about $20. If you decide to ask some experts for help, it might take around $100.

  2. Fast launch

    As soon as your documentation is ready, it would take a couple of days to fix legal issues, and then you can start the customization of your website. But be ready that it is allowed to change the appearance in accordance with the provided template and filters.

  3. No payments difficulties

    Managing a payment system might be one of the hardest aspects of hosting a website, but with a whitelable website, there is no need to worry about it. The site you are whitelable for would take all responsibilities. Though, you don't have control over the maximum or minimum price rates on the site.

  4. Simple website management

    Having a whitelable website, there is no need to worry about signing up new models on your website. The site that you are whitelabel for would handle it. You only have to attract new members.

Developing from Scratch

If you want to build a website 100% up to your taste, you can hire a team of experienced people, who would create a website from scratch. In this case, be ready to spend a lot of money on the cam site of your dream. You'll have to pay your team, technical support, and regular website updates. Also, it would be your responsibility to take care of the website's correct work, control of rules violations, and smooth access both from models' and members' sides.

All the above-mentioned points require not only money investments, but also your time and mental resources.

For those of you who want to make your cam site work seamlessly and to earn with it as soon as possible, we have prepared an easy-to-follow guide to a perfect whitelable cam site.

8 Steps to start a Whitelabel Website with Modelnet

Modelnet software is a proper choice for both studios who want to move on their own platform, and solo models with a decent amount of loyal fans. With Modelnet you create a website that supports pay-per-view massages, tips, live shows, an inbuilt paying system, etc.

Here are 8 steps to make the process easier for you:

  1. Choose a domain name as we advised in the paragraph about website branding.
  2. Purchase the software, decide how you want to pay for it.
    1. A monthly plan for $395 plus a one-time installation fee of $95;
    2. A lifetime plan for $3995 plus a one-time installation payment of $99.
  3. Decide on the appearance of your cam site. You can either choose from 6 default templates or write to the Modelnet team to discuss the possibility of creating your own style. Remember that your site should be not only nice looking but also user-friendly and easy to use.
  4. Check if everything is okay and run the website.

Final Words

To sum it up, here are the main points we covered above:

If you feel that Whitelabel software is the right solution for you to set up a cam site, here is the link to get a free demo version of Modelnet platform.

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