Replace mainstream solutions like Chaturbate and build your own webcam site with Modelnet. Read about options for monetization of your charm and tips for converting traffic into a loyal audience.

How to build a webcam site like Chaturbate in 2021

Being a new member of the world of the adult pleasure industry or an experienced webcam model you would always strive for better sites and platforms than you currently have. In 2020 Chaturbate was an undeniable choice for running webcam sites and a career in an adult market. Though the industry constantly develops, there are many other solutions appearing for running webcam sites.

Before we go through new options, let's study the basics of building adult content sites for monetization of your beauty and charm.

The Insights of Sites Like Chaturbate

In common there are 2 main features for adult webcam sites:

  • Public stage
  • Private space

It is up to site owners to decide what type of shows would take the spotlight on their sites. Some platforms like LiveJasmin put more effort into private chats. Here is a model and a viewer face to face. No one else but the viewer can watch the show, he is the only one who pays for actions and says what a model should do.

This approach for running an adult webcam site is good for models with a loyal fan base, but those who are only at the very beginning of building a web empire should consider public shows.
Almost every platform hosting adult content has a public show service. In this case, a model is in a room with a countless number of visitors. Usually, models set their goals for an exact action and as soon as the number of tips got for it, they do it.

Both of these types have their own strong and weak aspects. Nevertheless building a webcam site you should try to make your offer as much unique as possible. Exploring cam sites we paid attention to pre-recorded shows, spy cam sessions, downloadable stimulated blowjob videos, stores with merch under the models' names, and things used for videos or shows.

Investments to Build an Adult Content Site

To understand the amount of money you need to invest into your business you should decide how you would run it. Some models choose special platforms where they have shows and monetize adult sexual content. Here owners of webcam sites don't have to know a lot about site building, code, or design. Companies that provide the software assume all duties to run the site from the technical aspect. Models take care only of content and keep the subscribers' interest.

Though if you chose such a solution, be ready to give from 40 to 60 percent as a charge for the platform usage. Such platforms are good for those of you who start the career of a cam girl star. From a long-term perspective models generally consider another solution.

If you are into hosting your own adult content platform, at first you should be ready to pay for the hosting name the fee might range between $20 and $100 for a year. It would be enough to fit about 200 members. Also, be ready to spend some money to customize the design, advertise your site, promote it in search engines like Google to get some free traffic. Though you can collaborate with some companies that would work on it.

Is it Difficult to Build a Site?

Well, there is no definite answer to this question, as it depends on the path you've chosen. For some options, it might require a certain knowledge of such niches like HTML, PHP, SEO basics for traffic gain from search engines, generate followers ready to pay for subscriptions, ad marketing, and sales of affiliate collaborations.

Building a webcam, sex content, or porn site be ready that it isn't an instant project. A high-quality site would take about 4 to 6 months to make your business ready to monetize. Though thanks to the development of the adult entertainment market today there are various solutions to start your own adult webcam business. For example, with Modelnet you can build a site like Chaturbate or Bongacams. Modelnet is a turnkey solution that gives you an option to make a cam site with zero knowledge of coding.

6 Tips for Webcam Site Monetization

Membership Subscriptions

The various subscription programs are the best options for those who want to have a regular source of income. Along with the development of your business, with the growth of your loyalty audience, the number of customers ready to pay for adult content presented on the site.

With different subscription plans, models can provide special types of access. Some can get access to archived videos, some know more about models' passions and fetishes. Most importantly it is up to you to place a price for each level of access, and about content, he or she would get.

Clips and Image Store

Galleries can also be monetized. It is completely up to you to decide on photos that you would share there. It can be models' Snapchat images, an Instagram post, or porn photos. It can be either free and public visible, or locked and open only to those who purchase access to the model's gallery.

Live Public and Private Streams

Streams can be considered as the main source of income for adult webcam models. There are 3 main types of live shows:

  • Public streams
  • Private shows
  • Peek videos

Peek shows we would describe in detail below, so now let's concentrate on the core aspects of private and public shows.

As for public shows, it is probably not the most favorite part of work, as you never know how many people would come to see your show. Also, a huge number of watchers does not guarantee a lot of money and tips. The best benefit of the public live streams is a simple way to build your loyal audience.

Private video shows on the contrary are especially good for monetizing your cam site. Hosting adult webcam websites it is up to you to decide how watchers would be charged for watching shows. For example, models can set the minimum price for entering a video chat room, and then for each action, the viewer has to pay tips in the site's currency like tokens, coins, etc. The reason why people choose to pay money for one-to-one shows is that they get unique and exclusive adult content. The watcher is the only one who has power over the model's actions.

Spy Cam Shows

Statistically, 35% of men and women are interested in voyeurism, so there is no surprise that people are ready to pay not for being the one who runs the show, but the one who is secretly peeking at somebody else prepaid shows.

Mass and One to One Chatting

Chat rooms are an option for models and cam girls to make money without live streaming. There is no need for cam girls to take care of all aspects required for video shows. You can unite members into group chats (10 people), or have private chats. Indeed, the system is pretty similar to public and private shows. Models get tips for exact actions, cam girls can be paid either for a conversation or photos up to a site user desire.

Affiliate and Referral Commissions

Adult webcam business owners pay attention not only to various content related monetization options. For successful business development, it is important to consider such marketing options like affiliate contracts and referral links. Money that you get with a commission from new customers that came via your referral linkcan be a great bonus for a model.

You should understand that affiliate programs don't help to make a fortune, but it makes money anyway.

Average Numbers for Monetizing Webcam Sites

Before our review goes to numbers we should say that the revenue rates depend mostly on efforts that models put into content creation, attracting traffic to the site, just try to do their best to be attractive for cam sites guests.

The majority of models get from $0.5 to $3 per minute of the show. Per day a cam girl has from 120 to 180 minutes of a live show. It might be separate shows or full long performances. So let's make some calculations, if you are a cam girl that is at the very beginning of her career, we consider you to take $0.5 per minute. As you are a hard worker you spend about 180 minutes in front of your cam hosting shows.


For shows, you get $90 daily only for live streams. So if you work 5 days per week, it would make you $450 for a week, and $1800 for a month. In addition, you would get tips for private shows, chats, and commissions from an affiliate program.

In the above-mentioned example, we considered the minimum rate for a show on a webcam site, below you can see a table with average and more optimistic numbers.

How to Make a Webcam Site with Modelnet

As we wrote at the very beginning of the review, Chaturbate was a popular choice for building whitelabel cam sites in 2020, though the business of adult content sites constantly develops and in 2021 we advise you to consider Modelnet for building your own independent webcam site.

Modelnet is the best solution both for business owners and models hosting their own shows. First of all with Modelnet you get access to customization of the following features of cam sites.

With Modelnet you can be sure to have the best service from data centers in the USA and Europe. Your site would have the best software suitable for the adult content niche.

Webcam site design
If you have an image of your webcam site in your head that you'd like to see on the screen of your computer, share the idea with our managers. We provide a custom UI/UX design layout building to fulfill your ideas in real life.

Sites technical support
There is no need for models or site owners to be good at building websites and technical maintenance, with Modelnet your site is supported 24/7.

Custom work with sites
Allow your imagination to go wild, our developing team specializes in the implementation of new features and development of custom solutions for the platform.

Software installation
If you want your site to be installed on your own server, we can work with it.

Sites update
We understand that it is very important for a cam site to be updated, we take care of your site novelty and compliance with new standards.

We believe that these features are really attractive for models hosting shows, owners of webcam studious running sites with high-quality adult content, and models who need support in building their own site.

To run webcam sites with the best available solution it would cost you $395 per month for one site, and once additional $95 for installation.

Modelnet provides a full range of online video chat modes with different cost per minute for your customers:

  • Free video chat with tips option.
  • Group live video chat. It is a pay-per-minute chat that can be initiated by the customer. Other customers can join it too.
  • Private video chat. One-to-one video chat based on per-minute rate.
  • Voyeur live video chat. It is available when private chat is already established between a performer and another customer.

Modelnet is a full-featured webcam site software with the most advanced technology for audio and video streaming in real time and an integrated billing solution. It is a complex turnkey product for starting your own webcam business that has all needed for users features integrated into the system. To get acquainted with Modelnet software you can request a free demo access and check its functionality by yourself.

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In the blog of Modelnet platform you can find more guides on running webcam sites with Modelnet. If you are in search of free information read the blog or contact our support team for consultation on your webcam site.

A Quick Guide to Increase Cam Sites Traffic

Adult content might seem a little bit difficult to raise traffic on, and promote it, but indeed it is not that hard. Our team of experts collected for you some tips to help with adult sites' free or paid traffic increase.

  • Before you start adult site promotion make sure that the site is ready to welcome adult guests. No one would stay on a site that isn't attractive, even free content must be catchy.
  • Make your site's prices list clear and give interesting offers like a special site subscription.
  • Remember to run social media with special hashtags e.g. #Cams, #Sexy, #MyFreeCamsGirl, #Camgirl, etc.
  • Consider adding a Blog section to your site. Search engines like text-rich content, you can use it to promote some of the model's photos, adult texts, etc. It would help you to make some free traffic from search engines.
  • Don't center your site around only one monetization feature. Give your adult audience diverse and unique content.

Final Opinion

Cam girls, studio owners, popular webcam models, and their adult audience everyone needs a high-quality site. Models want a site that is user-friendly and help them with simple navigation. Studio owners search for good and free marketing tools for the successful work of the site and its promotion. Sites' guests want to see a nice site with high technology design and a unique webcam experience.

Modelnet provides sites that respond to all the above-mentioned requests. Don't waste your time, contact us and start your own webcam empire today.

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