Choosing a career might be hard. Years ago people were afraid to be judged for inappropriate work choices. Over time society accepts the idea that a person has a right to do whatever he or she wants. Also, we’ve got way more opportunities than the generation before us as we have the Internet and limitless access to data and people all over the world.

One of the latest career options available on the Internet is webcam modeling. Webcam models make money for a living performing some shows on special sites no matter of time, day of the week, cam girls make their own schedule depending on the time of their viewers’ time zone. Though the webcam business is gaining its spotlight still there is not so much information about it. So if you are a girl or a boy who is interested in webcam work, then this article is definitely for you.

Income sources

Before discussing all the possible or impossible millions that could be earned being a cam girl, we should discuss all the open sources to make some money. At all, there are four types of sites that can be used by models.

  1. Pay per minute
  2. Token sites
  3. Video recorded
  4. Membership platforms

Let’s have a closer look at each of them.

Pay per minute sites

This type of site was at the very beginning of webcam sites. Girls sit in front of a camera and show performance for their viewers, who, in turn, pay for every minute of the show. The approach to these sites is as follows the client has a free zone with some limited communication with cam girls, where the purpose of the model is to lure the client into a private room for a paid show. That’s the basic understanding of webcam by people.

The average money that a model can earn is $1-5 per minute from each of such clients. Then the site charges from 30% to 60% commission on revenues from these shows. For better understanding of income here is a table with the amount of earning money depending on the number of working hours.

Working Time $ Per Week $ Per Month $ Per Year
5 hours/week $355 $1,521 $18,511
10 hours/week $787 $3,373 $41,036
15 hours/week $1,088 $4,663 $56,731
20 hours/week $1,200 $5,143 $62,571
25 hours/week $1,433 $6,018 $72,216
30 hours/week $1,667 $7,144 $86,922
35 hours/week $2,123 $9,099 $110,699
40 hours/week $2,625 $11,250 $136,875

The maximum that a model can earn is $15,000 a month, but the average income could be as much as $7,000 a month.

This average amount of money you get from a couple of regular customers. Why only two? Well, according to the rules, that’s the maximum that a model can take at a time. In this case, if in an exact period of time the model is busy with two customers, all subsequent ones will be redirected to other models. This policy is followed in order to allow new webcam models to accumulate their list of regular customers.

The main disadvantage of webcam sites is that girls cannot disclose information about themselves to their clients. Thus, customers can not make any contacts with models outside the cam site they use. Failure to follow this rule will lead a cam girl to a permanent ban from the model list of this webcam site. So to maximize the use of their resources models usually work on multiple sites at the same time.

Token sites

If you have decided to immerse yourself in the webcam industry, you should definitely be familiar with such services as Chaturbate and MyFreeCams. On these webcam sites models make rooms with free shows that stop if the model does not receive tips for her work.

Customers don’t pay tips with real money. These tips here are called tokens. Users buy tokens for money and pay tips. Viewers purchase these tokens at a varying rate of $0.08 to $0.20 per one.

The advantage of such webcam sites is that models can set the amount they want to receive as a tip. But models should make a wise approach to the amount of deduction. Setting a low price tag is a good way to get your money goal in the shortest time possible, because the customers will all join the show, and they'll be more willing to spend a small amount of money to see the rest of the show. Whereas putting up too high a price tag could leave a model without an audience.

This type of webcam site has become one of the major players in the webcam market. By performing such shows the chances of making an audience increase significantly, which is followed by an increase in the money that girls get.

Video recorded services

Such streaming services aren’t much different from a well-known YouTube or PornHub. Cam girls publish their videos, with some time a model can receive requests from users to make a video under theirs tastes. These requests can be various: a model can be asked to make a video on a particular topic, or a particular setting or costume.

On average these videos sell quite well for $10 per minute. In addition, after some time, girls can put the same video on sale for much less to make some extra money.

Membership platforms

If you are a model who has been making an audience for some time, then perhaps a membership or paid subscription format might be right for you. Fans pay money for a monthly subscription to access a site where you host your own private shows, post hot photos, and hold one-on-one chats.

Your level of access will depend on the subscription you choose, which can vary depending on the amount of money you have to pay to gain access. On average, standard subscriptions range in cost around $30 per month.

Different broadcast types

The level of income can also depend on the gender, age, and nationality of the model. Every person has their own interests, so customers are no exception, they choose models to please those interests.

The main audience of the webcam world is heterosexual men, therefore female models are much more in demand in this market. So after some calculations, we found out that female models earn around $60 per hour, then trans models with earnings around $50 for the same time, and then male models $33 per hour.

Most popular choices for streaming

Knowing the types of webcam sites and the dependence of earnings on types of performers. We want to name some of the most popular options that webcam models have.

Surprisingly, Stripchat has turned out to be one of the most popular choices among cam girls and boys. The biggest advantage is that the models are male and female. Moreover, the video is broadcasting in HD quality, so customers get a high-quality product that keeps them on this site and makes them watch more webcam shows and pay for it to make the show go on.

Next come Chaturbate, Xmodels and Streamate. These three are on the same level of popularity for both the cam audience and cam girls. Here as well the female and male models are represented. Cam girls and boys can communicate with their fans. Customerscan watch shows and buy private videos of their favorite cam girls. The main disadvantage is that the commission charged by the platform is higher, so the same cam girls work on different sites to make more money.

Then, we have LiveJasmin, there is a usual set of features, so the site itself does not have any significant disadvantages connected with the way it works. But the amount of money that girls get here for a show is much less in comparison with some other website of this niche. Cam girls cannot set their own price for shows they make, it is set by the site.

If you are not suited for any of the proposed sites as an alternative, we can offer you to make your own site to work on your own terms. There are services that offer turnkey softwares ready for the launch of a webcam site such as Modelnet. With this service, you can make your own site just in 1 day with a built-in payment gateway, pay-per-minute billing and tips system, live video broadcasting service and different chat modes. Moreover, you as a host of a site can embody the ideas you have in your imagination and be sure that they will be approved. Most importantly, you do not have to pay any commission from your revenue to the website or the studio. By doing the same job you can earn much more and be independent.

If you don't want to depend on studios or services run by other people, we really recommend that you think about creating your own site. Don’t be afraid to take the first step to make up with new opportunities. Moreover you can always try yourself with a trial period and deal with the platform yourself. It’s so easy that you can do it right now.

Though, talking about studious it also might be a good choice as you create a site with your own domain and you are sure that only webcam girls from your studio would appear there and all the income would be yours.

Though creating a site might seem a little scary as it is supposed that you have to have some extra tech knowledge. Though in the case of such site constructors there is no need for it. Modelnet offers you all the features of a nicely working webcam site with all the best features. Moreover, if you got stuck at any point you can ask a support team for help.

Average salary

Well before defining the average income let’s figure out the highest and lowest money, cam girls can earn.

Let’s start with the highest. It depends on a lot of aspects. That is not a secret that to earn a lot you should do your best. Proper choice of a webcam site that you're gonna work with. Hard work on building your audiences, making them your loyal fans who would be interested in buying unique content made especially for them.

As we wrote you can earn about $30000 a month if you are lucky enough to have your loyal audience, that is ready to spend some extra money on your videos.

Now, let’s think a little about those low-earning cam girls. Well, it is obvious that the lowest is nothing. These days with no clients or with clients who want to watch only free shows. But that’s only a day, and after bad days there are some good. So a low earning model can get a couple of hundreds of dollars in a month.

So a question about money that a cam girl earns monthly is a little bit difficult. We tried to figure it out and came to the idea that the money that a girl gets in an hour is around $30, let's consider that a webcam girl works 6 hours a day 5 days a week. It drives us to a decision that in a month a model makes at least $3,600.

Here you can see a table with average webcam model salary.

Webcam Platform Income Per Hour Annual Income
Average $30 $62,40
Chaturbate site $65 $135,200
Stripchat site $63 $131,040
Camsoda site $41 $85,280
Сam4 site $28 $58,240
LiveJasmin site $8 $16,640
Modelnet platform As high as you want. No commission fee, set price yourself.

Though all these numbers are debatable. There is no surprise that there are factors that have a great impact on the money you earn. You already know one. It is broadcast type. As we’ve already written about it we won’t repeat and introduce you to some more. Read through it carefully and apply it to your work. If you remember it while working, your income would definitely increase in numbers and help you become successful.

  1. Commission fee.The % that a site takes from the amount of money that a customer spent on you.
  2. Regular watchersThe loyal audience is the basis of every show and income. So if you as a cam girl can keep your audience for a long time then you are on your way to success.
  3. Face hidden or not. Hiding your face might be an option if you are not as pretty as the rest of the cam girls, but have a hot body and how to make some money from showing it via a webcam site. Another way you should remember is that a hidden face would cut your possible money in almost a  half.
  4. Blocked Regions With blocked regions you cut the number of your possible audience, cutting the audience you cut your money.  You can block the state where you leave if you want to keep your cam girl’s career in secret for your family and friends.
  5. Quality of Show. It concerns everything starting from the plot of a show, your costume, and going to the quality of the video and the speed of the internet that you use for cam girl shows.
  6. Light setting. You want your video to look good, put some proper lightning. Remember that you make it not only for some pleasure but also to earn money. Natural lighting is the best option for a cam girl that wants her body to look good.
  7. Promotion period. Usually cam sites have a promotion period. This period is very important for new girls and you have to do your best to catch the audience. Don’t miss it.
  8. Time Zones of your fans. The money that you make is directly connected with the time of your work. Most of the viewers come to webcam sites at night. To make more money we recommend you to check the countries that your customers are from and follow the schedule.
  9. Conclusion

    Summing up all the above mentioned lets answer the question that we set at the very beginning. Can a cam girl become a millionaire? Well, definitely not in a year, this period of time would be too short, but in a longer perspective, why not. There are many models who get a lot of money. Though to get a million you have to be successful in all the fields have a ready to pay audience, give them various content to be sure that they never lose interest in you, be sure in the quality of your videos and media, work on several platforms to minimize the money that you lose with commission or create your own site, on your own terms, share with customers whatever you want and put prices as high as you think you deserve.

    How much do webcam girls make - FAQ

    What is the maximum that a model can get in a month?

    The maximum would be no more than $15000. But an average income is about $7000 per month.

    Is there an exact model type that earns more than the rest?

    The world of webcam prefers diversity. It doesn't matter what is your body type, skin color, or eyes shape. Everything depends on your hard work and charm (sex appeal).

    What is a must to increase income?

    There are several points that you should take care of. Go through the commission policy of the platform, figure out the time period when your audience is online, and the quality of your show, be sure that you offer the best to your subscribers.

    How does a cam girl earn money?

    A model can do live shows with per-minute payments. Create the content on token sites, or sell her pre-recorded videos to her fans. A model can have a membership website with monthly paid subscriptions and access to advanced content and options.

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